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Canny Edge Detection

Canny edge detection is a multi-step algorithm that can detect edges with noise supressed at the same time.

  1. Smooth the image with a Gaussian filter to reduce noise and unwanted details and textures.

g(m,n)=G_{\sigma}(m,n)*f(m,n) \end{displaymath}



  2. Compute gradient of $g(m,n)$ using any of the gradient operatiors (Roberts, Sobel, Prewitt, etc) to get:

    \begin{displaymath}M(n,n)=\sqrt{g_m^2(m,n)+g_n^2(m,n)} \end{displaymath}


    \begin{displaymath}\theta(m,n)=tan^{-1}[g_n(m,n)/g_m(m,n)] \end{displaymath}

  3. Threshold M:

M_T(m,n)=\left\{ \begin{array}{ll}
M(m,n) & \mbox{if $M(m,n)>T$}  0 & \mbox{otherwise}
\end{array} \right.

    where $T$ is so chosen that all edge elements are kept while most of the noise is suppressed.

  4. Suppress non-maxima pixels in the edges in $M_T$ obtained above to thin the edge ridges (as the edges might have been broadened in step 1). To do so, check to see whether each non-zero $M_T(m,n)$ is greater than its two neighbors along the gradient direction $\theta(m,n)$. If so, keep $M_T(m,n)$ unchanged, otherwise, set it to 0.

  5. Threshold the previous result by two different thresholds $\tau_1$ and $\tau_2$ (where $\tau_1<\tau_2$) to obtain two binary images $T_1$ and $T_2$. Note that $T_2$ with greater $\tau_2$ has less noise and fewer false edges but greater gaps between edge segments, when compared to $T_1$ with smaller $\tau_1$.

  6. Link edge segments in $T_2$ to form continuous edges. To do so, trace each segment in $T_2$ to its end and then search its neighbors in $T_1$ to find any edge segment in $T_1$ to bridge the gap untill reaching another edge segment in $T_2$.

Example 1:


Edge detection by gradient operators (Roberts, Sobel and Prewitt): panda_gradient.gif

Edge detection by LoG and DoG: panda_LoG_DoG.gif

Edge detection by Canny method ($\sigma=1,2,3$, $\tau_1=0.3$, $\tau_2=0.7$):


Example 2:


Edge detection results by Sobel, Prewitt gradient operators, by DoG method and by Canny's method ($\sigma=5$, $\tau_1=0.8$, $\tau_2=0.95$):

edge_Sobel.gif edge_Prewitt.gif edge_DoG.gif edge_canny.gif

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Ruye Wang 2013-09-25